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In Loving Memory
Posted on Thursday, June 05, 2003 :|: Nobody cared enough to Comment

I went to the funeral of an old friend today. The sad thing is, he wasn't very old. Kevin was only eighteen. He died in a car accident early Sunday morning. He was supposedly very messed up on drugs and most likely driving over 100 mph. Nobody seems to have seen the accident, but they figure he was going down to an area where people like to street race when he hit a dip and lost control. We don't know if he was racing someone or not, but he was not in the area where most people race.

Anyways... Regardless of how it happened, the end result is what matters. He is dead. I never realized how much I used to hang out with him until Monday night when I was riding around with two other friends. We were reminiscing about how we used to hang out every day after school and the things we used to do. I miss those days. I had so much more fun when I wasn't old enough to go to jail. I also miss Kevin. He was always smiling and goofing off.

I've known people who have died before, but this was the first time someone so close died other than family. It wasn't as hard on me as it was on my other friends. He was like a brother to many of them. He was like a part of the family to all of us.

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