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OMG! 4-Year-Old Sex Offenders!
Posted on Sunday, October 28, 2007 :|: Nobody cared enough to Comment

Did you know that there are places where a child can hug and frolic with an adult and nobody associates any perverted thoughts about it? Not in America. Not anymore.

Washington Post: Is That 4-Year-Old Really a Sex Offender?

Favorite quote:

"In December 2006, a 4-year-old boy in Waco, Tex., was punished with an in-school suspension after a female aide accused him of sexual harassment. According to a television station there, the child had hugged the woman while getting on the bus, and she later complained to administrators at La Vega Primary School that the child had put his face in her chest."

Yes, America, you have truly lost your fucking mind! If you even consider pressing sexual harassment charges against a pre-schooler, you need to seek therapy about your unhealthy aversion to sex. No, that 4-year-old is not the pervert. You are!

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Nobody cared enough to comment.
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