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A lil' about me

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My Childhood

Hi! (=P I am David Shaw, a 39 year old bisexual male who was born and raised in Memphis, TN. Throughout my life people have raised my hopes and let me down. In a way I have lived a sheltered life. I spent my childhood hiding from the world because people always picked on me for being stupid and gay. I could never do my work in school because I couldn't concentrate long enough to write my name on the paper. My teachers all thought I was either lazy or rebellious and they punished me by making fun of me. In the sixth grade I finally found out that I had Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Before then making a web page like this would only be a fantasy. Since I was placed on medicine to help counteract the chemical imbalance caused by ADD, I have been surprising myself by how much I can accomplish; though it felt like I had skipped past second grade and straight into middle school. That is how it was because before then I made it through school by teachers passing me out of sympathy and I learned very little. The habit of not doing my work was hard to break since I spent six years of school passing by luck.

My High School Years

My high school years were much easier and more enjoyable, but the bad influences got to me. I went to Kirby High and should have graduated in the class of 1998. For the first time in my life I was in the popular crowd and I got pretty well known in school, but my popularity turned for the bad when the crowd I was in got into drugs. I tried to find friends that were so-called decent people but the "druggies and freaks" were the only ones that accepted me for who I am. Being an outcast by the "preps" and "goodie goodies", I choose to hang out with the crowd that didn't shun me for not looking and acting exactly like them. When I was seventeen I bought a truck and I suddenly became more popular with the people who wouldn't have anything to do with me before. I told all those people to "fuck off" and I was only loyal to the people who were my friends before I got my truck. By this time most of my friends had either gone to other schools or dropped out. I didn't have the support of my parents to go to another school so I started skipping all the time. If you know anything about Kirby you should know why I hated that school. The faculty wanted students to take foreign languages and business classes and discouraged us from taking any courses in the technical field. The few computer classes they offered were out dated and the teacher knew less than most of the students. I was planning on getting a two year technical degree in PC Support or Web Design at State Tech, but Kirby didn't seem to acknowledge that such a degree existed. After the assistant principal and several teachers had expressed that they could care less if I dropped out, I lost my enthusiasm to stay at that school. My father took me off my medicine a short time before and that caused more problems. I finally dropped out so I could try to get a good job and save up money for college.

After Coming Out

I came out to a few of my good friends when I was eighteen and they seemed to take it well. At first each person that knew thought they were the only person to know so it stayed a well kept secret, but one night I got drunk and told one person who couldn't keep his mouth shut and the secret was out. The guys that I thought were my good friends became too scared to talk to me. They thought since I am gay that means I like them and if they hung out with me people would think they were gay too. I have been going through real tough times because the people that I had known for years and thought were my friends dropped me with no remorse. Luckily my family never found out but I eventually told them and they took it very well. I tried to use the internet to make new friends (big mistake). I was attending a youth group called Memphis Area Gay Youth where I met lots of friends, but most of them have gone their separate ways now.

Adulthood Sucks

This chapter of my life is still being written as I live the joy of adulthood.....but I'm still a child at heart. I've been going to college and doing pretty good with a 3.7 GPA. I am now trying to get a job in the web programming field.

Now you should know just about everything about me that a web page can tell.

Short Bio :|: Life Story :|: Pics


I made this all by myself...(=P

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